Have YOU been washing your hair wrong? Experts reveal the VERY quirky cleansing technique they promise will give you the best locks of your life

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It’s something we do nearly every day but you could well be washing your hair wrong.

Indeed, haircare giants and hairdressers are waxing lyrical about a quirky new hair washing trend – and say it will give you the best locks of your life.

Micellar washing is the latest buzzword sweeping the beauty industry and involves using a special micellar water shampoo to clean your hair.

Inspired by micellar cleansing waters, which French women have long used to cleanse their skin, a plethora of new shampoos are being created using the same technology.

Micellar water takes its name from tiny particles of oil called micelles and it’s these micelles that attract the dirt to gently remove residue without stripping moisture.  

They are sulphate, silicone and paraben-free and work like a tiny magnet, which effectively picks up impurities, pollution and grease from hair without stripping or weighing it down. 

The mild cleansing technology promises to keep your scalp healthy, causing less chance for irritation and flaking. 

It also apparently helps to keep coloured hair vibrant and protected and leave hair soft, lightweight and with natural movement.+3

As Ken O’Rourke, Charles Worthington brand ambassador, explains: ‘Certain hair types and lifestyles will require more regular or daily washing and there is a debate on whether this is actually good for your hair. 

‘I’ve found when working with my clients that finer hair types often feel greasy quickly with those living in cities, or the regular gym-goers, feeling the need to wash their hair daily. I always advise my clients with these hair types to wash their hair with a gentle yet effective cleansing shampoo that doesn’t over-deposit onto the hair which could in turn lead to build-up.

‘The results will leave hair soft, prolong the life of your hair, lightweight and with natural movement that you can achieve day after day.’

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