Shocking video shows Russian hooligans in organised fight held in woods after Moscow derby

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Shocking footage has emerged of Russian hooligans taking part in an organised fight in the woods.

Hooligans gathered on a field following the Moscow derby between Lokomotiv and Spartak for a gigantic brawl.

And the footage will only add to fears ahead of the 2018 World Cup that Russia’s organised hooligans present a threat to supporters travelling to enjoy the tournament. 12

The footage was filmed just hours after fans held up banners during the March 18 match slamming the BBC for their portrayal of Russian football supporters.

A documentary dubbed ‘Russia’s Hooligan Army’ was broadcast on the channel to highlight the potential ‘festival of violence’ that could be awaiting fans journeying to Russia.

The YouTube video shows two distinct sides meeting at either end of a field in Moscow.

A solitary figure in black dashes across before aiming a flying karate kick at someone from the other side, kicking off the clashes between the two sides.

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