Samsung customers suffer mysterious burn-like marks they claim are caused by their Gear Fit2 smartwatch

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A smartwatch designed to help keep wearers fit and healthy, but for some it is causing more harm than good.

A string of users of Samsung’s Gear Fit2 have come forward to complain of burn-like marks left on their arms – and some have been left with permanent scars.

Some have suggested that they could be caused by the device overheating, while others speculate that an allergic reaction or contact with water might be to blame.

But so far, the exact cause has remained a mystery.

Samsung has been riding high this week, after the launch of its much anticipated Galaxy S8 flagship phone.

But reports of potential burns will be an unwelcome reminder for many of previous headlines about the Seoul firm’s exploding Note 7 tablets  – which have since been recalled.

Many of the claims have come from the company’s own communities pages.

One user claims to have been told by the South Korean company that it is the result of overheating.

MailOnline has contacted Samsung for a comment.

Among the people affected is MindyW, who said: ‘Has anyone else received burns from their Gear fit 2 after getting water under it?

‘I thought it was supposed to be able to be worn around water without this kind of reaction.

‘I would stop wearing it. I stopped and it eventually got better, but I’m still scarred a little. It’s taken over a month to heal.

‘I’m a nurse so I self-treated myself. I doubt very highly these are allergies.

‘This seems to be an issue that might need to looked into since more situations like this are occurring.’

Another user said they had experienced the same issue after their daughter bought them the watch as a Mother’s Day gift.

Posting under the name usermZi4ZplJDH, they said: ‘I have the same issue, my daughter got me the Gear Fit 2 last year for mothers day because it is water resistant and I walk laps in the pool for exercise.


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