Circus trainer savaged by lions in front of terrified families during live show

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Oleksiy Pinko was brutally attacked but after getting free continued to agitate the big cats until they attacked him again

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circus trainer has been savagely mauled by lions in front of shocked families during a live show.

Oleksiy Pinko was brutally attacked after two of the lions jumped on him, mauling him in front of the spectators.

The shocking incident was captured on video as the lions were performing tricks on circus apparatus.

But while the big cats prowl around, one of the lions aggressively jumps towards the trainer and knocks him over.

A colleague tries to beat or whip the lion as the trainer is pinned to the ground.

A hose eventually scares the animal off.

But the trainer gets back to his feet and keeps hitting the lion with a stick instrument.

The lion appears to get more angry and grabs the trainer again – this time pinning him to a netting on the side of the staff. The Lion has to be hosed again to get him off.

The incident happened in Lviv, Ukraine, The Sun reports.

The website said he required emergency surgery for injuries but recovered.

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