Adorable video shows cats ‘training scientist’ to bring them food every time they ring a bell

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A pair of kittens ‘trained’ a human to bring them treats every time they ring a bell.

In a twist on the famous Pavlov’s Dog experiment, where a canine was conditioned to associate food with the sound of a bell, some Twitter users have suggested in jest that the cats were in fact training the human.

The adorable footage shows the two cats pawing at a bell and then given a treat.

Viewers stormed to Twitter to share the strangely captivating clip.

Labour Party Deputy Leader Tom Watson said he could not stop watching it.

Cat enthusiast Giulia Crouch said: ‘Omg that’s the best thing I’ve seen in such a long time.’

Despite their urgency to scoff the treats, a recent study of 50 cats has found that felines prefer spending time with humans to eating food and playing with toys.

The find could help owners to train their cats using quality time as a reward, the researchers said.

Researchers from Oregon State University monitored the behaviour of cats taken from their owners’ homes as well as animal shelters as part of their study.

Sharing addisinformer is caring!

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