Ethiopian maid’s window fall survived

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The authorities in Kuwait are reportedly investigating a video that appears to show a woman filming her Ethiopian maid falling from a seventh-floor window without attempting to help her.

The maid can be heard screaming “hold me, hold me” just before her hand slips and she falls onto a roof below. She was treated in hospital for a broken arm and other injuries.

The woman recording the video can be heard telling the maid “you are crazy, come back in” and then moving away from the maid instead of helping.

Kuwaiti police have detained the woman employer for filming the apparent suicide attempt without trying to rescue her employee, media and a rights group said.

The Kuwaiti woman filmed as her maid landed on a metal awning and survived, then posted the incident on social media, Al-Seyassah newspaper reported.

The 12-second video shows the maid hanging outside the building, with one hand tightly gripping the window frame, as she begs for help in an apparent last-minute change of heart.

Later, paramedics rescued the maid and rushed her to hospital where she was found to have suffered a broken arm and bleeding from her nose and ears, the newspaper said.

The maid in the Sabah el-Salem area of Kuwait survived the fall and is seen being helped down a ladder by a member of the rescue services.

The Kuwait Society for Human Rights in a statement condemned the incident, saying there was “no care for her life”, and called for an official investigation.

People expressed shock on social media as to why the employer just stood there and recorded it all.


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