Ethiopian housekeeper in ‘murder escape’ debunks ‘fake’ suicide story

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Ethiopian housekeeper in ‘murder escape’ debunks ‘fake’ suicide story

An Ethiopian housekeeper who was filmed begging for help as she hung from the seventh floor of an apartment complex while her Kuwaiti employer stood-by and filmed her, has spoken out about her ordeal and debunked media claims that she had tried to kill herself.

The domestic worker spoke to Ethiopian media for the first time since a video went viral showing her cling to a window ledge before losing her grip and dropping seven floors, escaping without major injury.

“I am fine, thank God, I am fine,” she said in a video as she lay in a hospital bed after the fall, suffering from a broken arm and bleeding from her ear and nose.

“I was trying to save myself; my employer locked me in the bathroom and was about to kill me. She wanted to throw my body out without anybody finding out, so instead of staying there, I jumped.”

In the video, she acknowledged that God had protected her from a worse fate had her employer grabbed her when was she hanging onto the window ledge.

Both The Guardian and Russia Today perpetuated what seems to be the most common, but false, narrative, that the maid was attempting suicide.

They appeared to rely on the fact that many Arabic-language social media sources also claimed it was a suicide attempt but without substantial proof.

In the Arab world, when a domestic worker is seen in this sort of a situation, the first assumption is that they were attempting suicide. This discourse remains the dominant one until it is proven otherwise when the details unfold.

This is why utmost levels of caution must be taken when non-Arab outlets attempt to cover such cases. Relying on rumours the way major media outlets have done in this case is not only flaky journalism, but it is also irresponsible for them to deliberately do so knowing the size of their platform, especially when the story concerns human lives.

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