Seeing double! Meet the twins who married twins – and they live under the same roof, work together and even go on vacation together

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Doug Malm’s wife, Jill, was having a bad day when he walked into his kitchen and attempted to comfort her, quietly approaching, wrapping his arms around her and nibbling on her neck.

The sweet gesture backfired once Doug realized that it wasn’t his wife he was kissing at all. Despite the fact they’d been married several years, he was accidentally affectionately cuddling his sister-in-law – Jill’s twin sister Jena.

Not only does Jena live in the same house as the couple but she is also married to Doug’s twin brother Phil.

For the past 24 years twins Doug and Phil Malm have lived in a four-bedroom home with their wives Jill and Jena and their children in Moscow, Idaho.40

Their unorthodox living situation adds to the already unconventional twin relationship with only 250 twin couples said to exist across the world.

Twins are known for having a special connection often in their own world and the Malm foursome are inseparable too – always eating dinner together, going on family trips, sporting similar haircuts, working the same jobs and even color coordinating their outfits – but they still get confused with who they are married to.

‘From the back you are never supposed to make that decision, that’s not a good thing,’ said Doug with a laugh.

‘Now Jill on the other hand, she’d never let Phil get that far along.’

Phil and Doug will occasionally switch the way they sit when at home, causing more uncertainty when their wives leave for work. They both have the same jobs – one as cleaners and another as after school supervisors.

Jill and Jena even go so far as to dress similarly. They have jackets in their favorite colors of blue and red jackets which makes Phil have devise ways to distinguish between the two.

‘Unfortunately, there are times when I cannot tell them apart so I do things like say Jena and see which one perks up. We never approach too quickly,’ he said.

Even with the confusion, the clan manages to live peacefully in their home. In addition to the four, Doug and Jill have a daughter Rylie, 19, while Phil and Jena have a son Tim, 18.

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