Slovakian man with a deformed bulbous nose that covered nearly HALF of his face has finally had surgery after years of being made to feel like ‘a clown’ 

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A Slovakian man has finally had surgery on his massively deformed nose after years of being treated like ‘a clown.’

Tibor’s, 52, bulbous nose covered nearly half of his face.

Yet, his fear of surgery put him off having the problem fixed.

Tibor was suffering from a condition known as rhinophyma.

After being persuaded by his family, the father-of-three had the surgery.

Doctors made him a new nose ‘as if from play dough,’ allowing Tibor to live his life as a normal person.

Tibor, a locksmith, said that living with rhinophyma thoroughly affected his self confidence.

He said: ‘When I walk down the street, people look at me like they see a clown.’

Tibor went for surgery at a hospital in central northern Slovakia’s city of Martin.

Luckily, the operation went glitch-free, with Tibor’s nose looking much better instantly.

Rhinophyma is a condition that causes the development of a large, bulbous, ruddy nose, commonly due to untreated rosacea.

Dr Igor Homola, Tibor’s plastic surgeon, said: ‘It is not only an aesthetic problem, the inflammation can lead to sight loss.’


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