Japanese scientists have created nine new breeds of carrot including ‘super orange’

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Nine new breeds of carrot including a ‘super orange’ variety have been developed by Japanese scientists.

One breed, called ‘Amelie’, has been bred to have extra carotene – the pigment that makes carrots appear bright orange.

And elsewhere in Japan, scientists are developing a lettuce farm exclusively run by robots.

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Japanese carrot-seed breeder Taro Takagi, who developed the new vegetables, hopes to become a ‘carrot king’ across the world.

‘What constitutes a good carrot is different for every market,’ Mr Takagi told the Wall Street Journal.

He developed the new vegetable varieties using selective breeding.

Selective breeding is a well-known method in agricultural where plants or animals with favourable characteristics are bred over many generations.

The ‘daughter’ plant or animal of this process is likely to show an exaggerated version of this favourable trait.

Using selective breeding, Mr Takagi developed nine carrot varieties including ‘Christine’, which grows in the shape of a perfect cylinder and thrives in the cold.


Sharing addisinformer is caring!

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