Talk about having a sweet tooth! Man scoffs down 3kg cream finger bun in less than TEN MINUTES

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It’s one thing to have a sweet tooth but it’s another to be able to do this.

A man has become just the second person to finish a mammoth eating competition by taking less than 10 minutes to demolish a three-kilogram finger bun.

Sven Pelman travelled from Melbourne all the way to Singleton, south of Perth, in Western Australia to demolish the monster treat in just nine-and-a-half minutes.

The 25-year-old completed the challenge in half the time it had taken the only other conqueror.

A Surfside Bakery employee told AAP about 200 hundred people have attempted the challenge, with one person giving it a go every couple of months.

Mr Pelman cut the bun into small pieces to reduce chewing, and dipped them in his coffee so it was easier to swallow, but said he began to struggle halfway in.

‘My stomach was full and my body was trying to reject the food,’ he told AAP.

He said despite being ‘really full’, he could walk back to his car and carry on with his day as usual.

‘When I sat back in the car the food wanted to jump out again, but I think I could have done with a nice cheeseburger afterwards to finish it off.’

The bakery employee described the finger bun as ‘massive’, filled with cream, custard, and jam, and sprinkled with chocolate.

‘Everyone thinks they can do it,’ she said.

Mr Pelman, who works as a tyre fitter by day, has previously won two other food-eating challenges.

In one he ate 16 cheeseburgers in 30 minutes, and in another scoffed down 15 meat pies in 15 minutes.

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