The cheap and VERY effective potion that banishes spots in minutes

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For many, acne is a nightmarish but distant memory from their teenage years. But for others, it’s a miserable and never-ending saga that can extend well beyond your twenties and play havoc your confidence.

Indeed, research reveals that a third of men and women are affected by the skin issue in their adult years – so how can you fix it without having to resort to controversial acne drugs? 

One skincare expert believes she has a cheap and effective solution for treating spots – and you’ll find the ingredients in your kitchen cupboard.  

Nataliya Robinson, Expert Skin Specialist, swears by a DIY mask made from aspirin.

Speaking about the quirky treatment, she said: ‘While living in the Soviet Union at the age of 13, aspirin was my “miracle DIY” mask to combat any big, angry spots. 

‘Back in 1980’s in the Soviet Union we did not have fancy creams, everything was a deficit, especially skincare products. This how I learned to use natural, but very effective ingredients.’ 

Sharing her method, Nataliya recommends crushing one aspirin tablet (non-fizzy) using a teaspoon and adding a little water to create a non-runny paste. 

Apply this mixed solution directly on the spot and keep it on the spot for 15-20 minutes before washing off.

Because aspirin is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, she says the spot will reduce in size and become less visible. 

She added: ‘This method works especially well on angry, painful spots and on teenagers who are suffering from outbreaks as aspirin is kinder to skin than prescribed acne medication.’

Sharing addisinformer is caring!

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