Russian drivers shock pedestrians by pulling a PRAM alongside their car down a busy city road

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This is the bizarre moment a car passenger was caught on camera pulling a pram through the vehicle’s open window along a busy city road.

An eyewitness filmed the bizarre scene with a smartphone in the city of Chelyabinsk in south central Russia’s Chelyabinsk Oblast region.

Other passersby reported the incident to the police who quickly caught up with the Lada car and determined that the pram was empty.

One man was driving the car while another man was pulling the pram along through the open passenger window.

Police officers decided that, because there was no baby in the pram, the men’s eccentric actions had not broken any laws and did

The footage of the incident is proving popular online after it was uploaded on video-sharing websites where it sparked a lively debate.

Poster ‘gos_t’ said: ‘That is such a bad idea, look at the ground it is all so dirty, imagine how ugly and filthy this stroller would be after such a ride.’

‘VirtualKoD’ speculated: ‘It must have been the stroller’s test drive.’

And ‘1’ added: ‘I bet they lost a bet and had to do it. There have been so many people running naked or barefoot. These guys are simply having fun, nothing else.’

Chelyabinsk was near where a superbolide meteor exploded over the Ural Mountains, creating a flash as bright as the sun and a shock wave that injured more than 1,000 people, in February 2013.

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