How to recover from a bad night’s sleep fast

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There’s nothing worse than spending the whole night tossing and turning and then waking up feeling like you’ve slept for just 10 minutes.

But there are some simple ways you can recover from a bad night’s sleep in an instant.

From avoiding caffeine to checking off your to-do list first thing, Byrdie has rounded up the best ways to power through after a night of insomnia.

  1.  Get up ASAP:The beauty site spoke to sleep expert Dr. Neil Stanley, who says that getting up and out of bed as soon as possible is the key to making it through the day with as much energy as possible.
  2. Get some fresh air:He says it’s vital to open the windows and get fresh air first thing – as well as ensuring you have a big breakfast.
  3. Get your to-do list done ASAP:You’re at your most productive first thing so he suggests powering through your to-do list as soon as possible and getting your hardest tasks out of the way early on.
  4. Avoid too much caffeine:Whilst most people think that having a few coffees will perk them up, Dr Stanley says it’s advisable to avoid too much caffeine. He said: ‘If you drink too much caffeine, it actually becomes a sedative. When it comes to the side effects, there is a U-shaped curve: It will give you a boost, but then too much will have the reverse effect.’
  5. Do some gentle exercise:The doctor also suggests getting up and going for a 20-minute walk to keep yourself as alert as possible. If you have time to fit in a gentle exercise class then he advises plumping for a yoga or Pilates class.

Sharing addisinformer is caring!

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