Amazing or cheating? New app does your homework for you

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Teachers may not be very fond of this app, called ‘Socratic,’ which promises to answer any homework question just by looking at it.

A new app can give you the answers to your math homework and even explain how to solve it just by taking a picture.

Called Socratic, the free app uses artificial intelligence to determine what information you need, and returns ‘explainers’ and videos to give you step-by-step help.

The firm says it’s like having a ‘digital tutor in your pocket,’ generating answers from a community of teachers and students.

Socratic doesn’t just work with math.

The tutor app can also help with questions in science, history, English, economics.

According to the developers, it’s trained on millions of questions, allowing it to identify the relevant concept.

‘Socratic’s AI combines cutting-edge computer vision technologies, which read questions from images, with machine learning classifiers built using millions of sample homework questions, to accurately predict which concepts will help you solve your question,’ the firm explains.

A video demonstrating its capabilities shows just how fast it can work, pulling up a solution and explanation for a simple ‘solve for y’ math problem in just moments.

The app focuses on maintaining ‘jargon-free’ content to make it easier for students to understand what’s going on.

As the video shows, the solutions are shown with a clear breakdown of each step.

It also shows color-coded instructions and graphs to help get the information across, along with videos from Khan Academy, Crash Course, and other sources.

And, math is just the

Students can also ask it questions from other areas, taking a picture of something like ‘what is mitosis’ or ‘explain how a transgenic plant differs from a hybrid plant’ to pull up an explanation or definition.

Socratic so far supports 23 different subjects, including Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry, Physics, Calculus, Psychology, English grammar, and History.

But, the team has big plans for the future.

A page of ‘future subjects’ on their site reveals Socratic could soon expand to cover everything from Music Theory to Robotics, calling on people to become a founder ‘to help grow and launch these subjects.’

The app is available for iOS devices for free on the App Store, and the firm says it is ‘a lifesaver.’

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