Turn your doodles into ART: Google launches free Autodraw tool that transforms clumsy scribbles

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Talentless scribblers can now channel their inner Da Vinci, thanks to Google.

The firm has released a free app that recognises doodles and matches them with drawings submitted by trained artists.

The Autodraw app – which works on phone, computer or tablet – uses these matches to transform the sketches into professional illustrations.

‘Drawing on your phone or computer can be slow and difficult—so we created,’ Google wrote on its blog.

‘So we created AutoDraw, a new web-based tool that pairs machine learning with drawings created by talented artists to help you draw.’

At first glance, Google’s AutoDraw looks like many other drawing apps out there – but it is built with a difference.

The app uses machine learning to recognise what you have drawn and offers suggestions of similar designs submitted by talented artists.

The layout is intuitive, with tools to create shapes, fill different colours, and draw free-form.

And once you start to draw, its intelligent algorithms attempt to work out what you are trying to draw.

The software offers a number of suggestions which you can choose from to replace your own efforts.

AutoDraw can currently make hundreds of guesses based on submitted drawings, but its creators envisage many more being added in the future.

Sharing addisinformer is caring!

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