The very simple way ANYONE can boost their salary by 5%

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Most people believe that the key to taking home more money each month is spending more hours slaving away at the office.

However, research shows that more sleep is actually the key to a bigger bank balance.

In fact, in the long term, getting just one extra hour of sleep each week can increase wages by 4.9 per cent, with experts saying that workers who are chained to their desks will actually witness a negative effect on their career and therefore earnings, whereas those that make the most of their ‘down time’ will reap the rewards.

A study by Matthew Gibson and Jeffrey Shrader found that sleeping is not a sign of weakness; it’s the path to success – and natural sleep experts couldn’t agree more. 

The experts at Naturalmat explained: ‘Sleep is often seen as a waste of time and a bit of an inconvenience on our everyday lives as people often try and calculate how little sleep they will need in order to cram in as many office hours as possible. 

‘However, sleep should take priority as a lack of it can have a detrimental effect on your decision making, productivity and overall mental health.

‘As a nation we are becoming more health conscious. Consumers are trading their Friday night drinks for Boomcycle classes and their Bake Off creations for clean eating. It is becoming more and more common that those that are chained to their desks will actually witness a negative effect on their career and therefore earnings, whereas those that make the most of their “down time” will reap the rewards.’  

They also say that if you work from commission, a good night’s sleep will mean you have more energy to sell and produce more products. So rather than listening to the old saying ‘you snooze you lose’, you should spend some quality time with your duvet could bring home more money.

Some of the most successful people in the world are now attributing their success to going to bed early. With Silicon Valley introducing nap pods at Google Headquarters and Apple launching a Night Shift feature to reduce the negative effects that a screen backlight has on sleep patterns, businesses around the world are waking up to the value the importance of sleep. 

Indeed, Michelle Obama wakes up at 4.30 or 5.00 every morning, but she goes to bed early every night – sometimes even before her children. 

Mariah Carey, whose voice can hit the highest pitches ever recorded, says she needs fifteen hours of sleep a night to maintain her singing voice. 

Another one of the world’s most successful people, Jeff Bezos, the founder of, makes sure he gets eight hours of sleep a night to stay alert.  

A spokesperson for mattress brand Naturalmat, who compiled the research on sleep, added: ‘The stressed out CEO who drinks coffee by the pint, and has permanent dark circles under their eyes, is a thing of the past. Nowadays, the route to success starts with a proper night’s sleep.’ 

Sharing addisinformer is caring!

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