Smart blanket controls how warm or cool you want your side of the bed using an app

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Couples in search of the perfect night’s sleep can now buy a duvet that can be heated to two separate temperatures – and it will even make itself in the morning.

The Smartduvet Breeze can be controlled via a smartphone app and uses separate air chambers to deliver different levels of hot or cold air to each side of the bed.

It can also be set to automatically make itself at a specific time each day, using inflatable tubes to snap itself into shape ready for the evening.

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The new device could put an end to arguments about how hot or cold couples should keep the bedroom, with both partners able to enjoy the night at their ideal temperature thanks to an air blower located under the bed.

Tina Cayouette, president of Smartduvet, said: ‘Like a lot of people, we experienced many nights of discomfort due to the room temperature being either too warm or too cold.

‘If you’re in a relationship, this discomfort can be the cause of many arguments, simply because each person has their own preference when it comes to sleeping.

‘We tried to find a solution that would allow for each person to be able to sleep at their ideal temperature without disturbing their partner.’

The original Smartduvet appeared on Kickstarter last year, raising almost £25,000.

‘We have already seen that the Smartduvet Breeze is generating more interest than the original version, probably due to the fact that many people see the importance and benefits of a good night’s sleep’, said Ms Cayoutte who is based in Montreal Canada.

‘The hot/cold feature adds the benefit of bringing extra comfort and avoids any arguments over room temperature.

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