Pupils write with both hands at school where headteacher insists EVERY child is ambidextrous

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But all 300 students can write with both their left and right hand, with some able to do both at the same time – in different languages

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This is the incredible school where the headteacher’s bizarre dedication to handwriting practice means EVERY pupil is ambidextrous.

Only ten per cent of the population are left handed – and only ONE per cent can write with both hands.

But all 300 students at Veena Vandini School in India can write with both their left and right hand , with some able to do both at the same time – in different languages.

Every 45 minute lesson features 15 minutes devoted to handwriting practice , to make sure all students at the remote rural school have the skill.

School founder and former soldier Vp Sharma said he was inspired to demand the lessons by India’s first president who was ambidextrous.

Headteacher Mr Sharma said: “I read in a magazine that Dr Rajendra Prasad India’s first president used to write with both hands.

“This inspired me to give it a try.

“Later, when I launched my school at my native village, I tried training the students.

“We began training students from standard I and by the time they reach standard III, they were comfortable writing with both the hands.

“Students of standard VII and VIII can write with speed and accuracy.

“Further, they can write two scripts simultaneously, one with each hand.

“Students also know several languages, including Urdu.”

The school, which as found in 1999 is located in a remote area, in Singrauli district, Madhya Pradesh.

Mr Sharma said their unique dedication to handwriting led South Korean researchers to visit and study the pupils two years ago, to find out more about ambidexterity.

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