‘Where do you think I want ya?’: Armour-clad David Beckham exhibits disfigured transformation and gritty acting skills in first clip from highly-anticipated flick King Arthur

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He surprised fans last month when he showcased his silver screen transformation for his upcoming film debut in King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword.

And now film lovers have been given the first look at David Beckham’s menacing role in the newest trailer from the highly-anticipated fantasy blockbuster.

In the thrilling clip, the 41-year-old footballer plays a hardened knight Tripper who is dressed for battle in black armour while he orders Charlie Hunnam – who plays the title character in the flick – to draw the legendary sword Excalibur out of the stone.

Brooding in a number of close-ups of his scar covered face, David’s character grunts at the yet known King Arthur to attempt to pull the weapon from the stone as he and his comrades guard the striking sword.

Charlie’s character asks: ‘Alright, where do you want me?’

‘Bouncing on my knee! Where do you think I want ya? Hands on the hill stupid,’ David delivers with grit.

As Charlie clambers to the top of the rock, unaware of his royal lineage, he nervously wraps a single hand around the sword when he suddenly feels a burst of energy emitting from it.

Shocked by the explosive energy, he is hurled another cutting comment from the sports star, who shouts across the sparse wasteland: ‘Oi! Both hands’.

As the blond actor draws the weapon from the stone, David and his fellow knights look in awe at the sight as they come to terms that they have found the sword’s true master.

The full scale of Beckham’s image overhaul was unveiled earlier this week on the set of his pal Guy’s film, as he was seen looking ready for battle as he poses in a full suit of medieval armour.

The retired footballer shares screen time with model Poppy Delevingne, who looks regal in all of her refinery in the role of Igraine.

While his shocking Instagram shot gave fans an insight of what to expect, allow for an even deeper glimpse into David’s cameo in the big budget film.

Wearing a full suit of black armour, the father-of-four looks a world away from his clean-cut image as he dons a full suit of black body armour and totes a fear-inducing sword while posing alongside his male co-stars in the depths of a forest.

Stills from the film, which is set to be released on May 17, also show Poppy Delevingne looking stunning as she poses alongside Eric Bana’s Uther at the foot of an imposing castle wall.

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