The countries where men exaggerate the MOST about the size of their penis

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Penis size can be a source of pride or embarrassment for many men.

So it is perhaps of little surprise to learn that most are guilty of lying about the length of their manhood.

A survey by dating website reveals the countries where men exaggerate the most about the size of their penis – and those where they are too modest.  +2

Researchers asked men to estimate the length of their erect penis. They then compared the average to the answer given by women about their last sexual partner.

The results show that Australian men are the worst offenders when it comes to exaggeration. They claim an average penis measures a generous 7.09in, while women say it come in at 5.58in.

American men are also prone to overselling their goods. They give themselves average of 7.24in, compared with the 6.64in reported by women.

British women report the same average length – but this also falls short of their partners’ generous 6.89in.

Canadians were the most honest about their penis size. Women claimed men had an average penis length of 6.95 in – just 0.11 in than the men’s own estimation.

Meanwhile men in India underestimated the size of their manhood.Indian women said the average penis length is 6.3in – 0.23in longer than the men’s average.

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